Inferring the Holy Qur’an to Clarify its Verses and Clarify its Meanings


  • Inst. Ali Muhammad Ali Shafiq University of Baghdad / College of Education Ibn Rushd for Human Sciences



Inference by the Qur’an, The Holy Quran, Interpretation, Meanings of verses


     The inference of the Noble Qur’an for the interpretation of its verses and its indications means the arguments and evidence from the Qur’anic texts and everything related to the Qur’anic text, such as the appearance of the text and its context, and the Qur’anic readings, which the interpreter adopts and relies on, in strengthening the saying that he deems appropriate to interpret the verse as an inference with what suits him.

     In their interpretations of the verses of the Holy Quran, the commentators adopted exegetical rules, even if they did not state them, and the rules of interpretation are controls and matters by which one arrives at knowing the meaning of the verse and is based on it in the interpretation of the Book of God Almighty. On the strength of evidence and its significance, the rules of interpretation are the system of interpretation and its law for the commentators, so interpretation needs a rule and a guideline to support it and make it a correct interpretation.

     And the inference for the interpretation of the Qur’an by the Qur’an is multifaceted, such as citing the text of a Qur’anic verse for another interpretation, or citing Qur’anic readings to explain the meaning of a verse, or evidence for the apparent meaning of the Noble Qur’an, or evidence of the Qur’an’s context and layout to clarify its meanings and show its connotations.


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