Melancholic Revolution and the natural love as reflected in the selected poems of Sergei Yesenin


  • Widad Allawi Saddam Ibn Sina University



Melancholy, Natural love, Revolution, Russian history, Sergei Yesinin


Sergei Yesenin is one of the most famed Russian poets of the early 20th century. Most of his poems were about nostalgia for the countryside. On the other hand he opposed urbanization, and cursed it in his poems.  He is regarded as a master of landscape represntation , an evocative poet who can relate to intense emotions. For two centuries readers have been captivated by the poetry of Sergei Yesenin. This paper explores the themes of melancholic revolution and natural love in the poetry of Through the analysis of selected poems, this paper delves into the ways in which Yesenin portrays the contradictions and complexities of revolutionary ideals, and how they intersect with the longing for a more natural and authentic way of living. The paper argues that Yesenin's poetry captures the tension between the desire for societal change and the yearning for a simpler, more traditional way of life, and highlights the importance of natural love and its connection to the land as a means of reconciling these opposing forces. Generally, this paper offers insights into the role of poetry in expressing complex emotions and ideas about social and cultural change during a period of significant upheaval in Russian history.


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