Textual Coherence in Surat Al-Waqi`ah


  • Dr. Nisreen Star Jabbar University of Baghdad / College of Education, Ibn Rushd




Coherence‎, Textual Casting ‎, Text Cohesion


The text is studied from the premise that it is a linguistic structure and the concept of structure requires the existence of various and interrelated relationships between the elements of the text and its paragraphs through many linguistic means called linking tools, using different methods and linkages.

The text in itself is a tool for interaction in a specific communicative context, which later turns into an object of work, creativity and thinking. With this transformation, the text possesses a more powerful activity.

Discourse in general is a social practice in which language is inseparable from the position and the Qur’anic discourse is an informational communication system that produces values ​​with many knowledge dimensions. The Holy Qur’an was able to devise effective communication methods that varied according to place and context, which made the noble text an impact on the hearts of those addressed.


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