The Issues of Critical Terms in Ibn Salam al-Jumhi’s Book

  • م.د. هشام قاسم عيسى الجامعة المستنصرية، كلية التربية، قسم اللغة العربية


This research focuses on the terminological issue in Ibn Salam’s book for two reasons: firstly, the significance and effectiveness of the term; secondly, the clarity of the critical vision of the critic. The term is the crossroads of human cultures, and the center of the distant linguistic worlds. It is the language of globalization with great distinction. It represents a serious critical problem. It is one of the dilemmas of contemporary Arab critical discourse. The term was not in the book of Ibn Salam, which makes it easy to read and stand at its own significance. The terms are divided into general terms previously criticized by other critics, and other special terms that have been devised by him. It is worth mentioning that he was known by the term ‘‘class’’.The book, Classes of Poets, is the first and oldest of the Arab systematic critical blogs. Criticism, before this book, was scattered opinions, not collected by a collector. It plunges into gustation and loose influences so the book of classes came to be a separate book specialized in literary criticism.

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