The Hero’s Search for Identity in Momaday’s House Made of Dawn


  • Mr. Akam Rashid Mohammed English department- College of Education- Charmo University
  • Prof. Dr. Azad Hamad Sharif Language center, Erbil Polytechnic University



Identity Loss, Cultural Assimilation, Native American Heritage, Place and Identity, Belongingness


Navarre Scott Momaday's novel, House Made of Dawn (1968), delves into the profound theme of identity loss and reclamation, encapsulated within Abel’s journey who is the protagonist of the novel. This study explores the intricate layers of Abel's quest to rediscover his Native American heritage in the face of cultural assimilation and invasion. Through a detailed analysis, it investigates the pivotal role of place for identity reclamation and the significance of cultural diversity. Momaday's narrative not only portrays Abel as a culturally torn outsider but also offers a captivating lens to examine themes of cultural preservation, identity, and the enduring struggles of indigenous populations. Ultimately, the research highlights the importance of embracing cultural diversity while reconnecting with one's roots as a means to reclaim the lost national identity. House Made of Dawn emerges not only as a literary masterpiece but also as a compelling academic discourse, inviting scholars to explore its rich layers of meaning and significance.


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Author Biographies

  • Mr. Akam Rashid Mohammed, English department- College of Education- Charmo University

    Akam Rashid Mohammed is a PhD candidate and MA holder in English Literature. He is currently teaching at English department/ College of Education/ Charmo University/ Iraq.

  • Prof. Dr. Azad Hamad Sharif, Language center, Erbil Polytechnic University

    Dr. Azad Hamad Sharif is a professor of Modern English and American Literature - in the Language Center/Erbil Polytechnic University-Kurdistan Region/ Iraq.


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