Orestes Expedition for Man's Freedom in Jean- Paul Sartre's The Flies andJack Richardson's The Prodigal

  • م. سناء محمد مهدي College of Arts Al-Mustansiriyah University
Keywords: Orestes, myth, freedom, violence, Flies, murder, suffering, revenge


 In 20th century, many modern dramatists have adapted mythical stories in order to discuss significant issues; one of them is freedom. This research revolves around the problem of freedom after the Second World War in Jean- Paul Sartre's The Flies and Jack Richardson's The Prodigal, use of Orestes myth. It is divided into three sections and a conclusion. Section one is an Introduction that illustrates the concept of freedom, the meaning of Existentialism and Orestes myth. Section two sheds light on the way Sartre uses the concept of freedom in his first play The Flies. Section three focuses on the same concept in Jack Richardson's first play, The Prodigal. The conclusion is about the significance of freedom that gives hope and life to man who is responsible for his actions.

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مهديم. س. (2021). Orestes Expedition for Man’s Freedom in Jean- Paul Sartre’s The Flies andJack Richardson’s The Prodigal. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 227(4), 85 - 101. https://doi.org/10.36473/ujhss.v227i4.1700