Reading in the book criticism of the cultural and the most important terms

  • م.د. جمال عجيل سلطان الازبجي الجامعة المستنصرية / كلية العلوم السياسية
  • أ.م. نرجس حسين زاير الجامعة المستنصرية / كلية العلوم السياسية


One of the Arab critics who worked in criticism at the theoretical level and the applied level, taking the most open and modern methods of experimentation experimentation, is the Saudi critic Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghazzami. In his most important book (Cultural Criticism) he discussed a project of reading in Arab cultural consistency, On two levels, the first level: critique of the criticism of texts, in the first and second chapters, and the other line, criticism of poetic texts in the rest of the chapters of the book                                                                                        

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Al-Ghadhami said in his introduction to his project that cultural criticism was born, pointing out that his idea has become a complete project and should be preached in the cultural arena under the Arab Monetary Fund                                                                              

One of the most important points addressed by al-Nizami in writing, which he expressed in terms used in order to be the pillars of the main reliable in the composition of the cash, which is as stated in the book:                                                                 

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