The Art of Simile in Poets of Goran

  • م.م. مريوان حمه كريم احمد قسم اللغة الكردية/كلية التربية الأساسية /جامعة طرميان


Simile is the most prominent and the most common among the figures of speech, which is used not only in poetry but also in everyday language. In literature, it is used by the poets to depict the qualities of one thing through comparing it to another. For them it is an element of imagination by which they have created beautiful imagery in their works.

    This research is an attempt at presenting this figure of speech in one of the most distinct Kurdish poets and the leading figure of renewal in Kurdish poetry; Abdulla Goran.

     The poet has used this figure of speech on a wide range to create beautiful imagery with it and take it to vast extents of its use especially in his romantic poems, which have no antecedents.

     This side of Goran’s poetry has never been the subject of a research before, that is why it has been chosen for the topic of this research, through which all the types of simile used by the poet in his work are being shown.

    The research consists of two chapters each includes a number of parts. In the first chapter after introducing and presenting Simile, the importance of this figure of speech and then its bases has been discussed.

     In the second chapter, first the types of simile have been shown according the presence or absence of the minor bases and in their relation to the texts of the poets. And then the types of simile according to the perception and cognition of the sides of simile has been presented along with poetic examples. Later according to the quantity of the sides of simile enforced by figurative examples, and in the end simile related to the quantity of the side have been shown all with examples from his poetry. 

In the end the conclusions have been presented in several points

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