.Phonological Analysis of Intonation in Selected American Movies


  • Noor Qassim Mohammed Al-Farabi University College




Intonation , Pitch, Praat, Phonological Information , Communicative Influence


As per to (Simpson 2004:6) phonology is the study of speech sounds that convey meaning intonation and pitch communicate that meaning in certain contextual situations. Intonation is the variety of pitch of voice during the speech. Two movies have been selected to show intonation differently- Maleficent and Mrs.Doubtfire. In both movies pitch shows different meanings in different situations. Each movie has its own genre and type of suspense. Accordingly, intonation is measured using Praat software that describes pitch exactly in certain situations to reflect genres and certain understandings. Consequently, intonation appears in Praat graphs demonstrates certain concepts in movies in particular contexts and situations.

This paper attempts to accomplish the following aims:

  1. Investigating intonation in some extracts of the selected American movies.

2.Describing the intentions behind each rising and falling tones in the extracts.

3.Producing phonological, discoursal and psychological traits implied in these tones.

To fulfill the aims above, the following hypotheses have been produced:

  1. Different phonological strategies have been employed by movie makers for using intonation.

2.The above mentioned strategies are used to refer to psychological attitudes of the actors in compatible with situational representations.


Particular procedures have been considered of these hypotheses.

 (i) Surveying the intonation using Praat software that facilitates describing phonological features.

 (ii) Producing the terminology of intonation to produce definite discoursal,pysychological and phonological influences in compliance with the analysis of few extracts from the movies mentioned above.

It is concluded that the above hypotheses are valid because the conclusion shows that intonation plays  pivotal role in both movies to produce certain psychological states and meanings in certain contexts demonstrated by the mentioned intonations. Consequently, the intonations employed in both movies differ in terms of the genres, contexts, functions, aims and meanings.

Key terms      

Intonation      Pitch     Praat     Phonological Information      Communicative Influence



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