Female Illiteracy: Causes, Challenges, Solutions "Field Study in the Iraqi Society"

  • أ. م. د. مثال عبد الله غني خضير العزاوي Ministry of Education Executive Board for Literacy
Keywords: Illiteracy, literacy, females.


We can not recognize the importance of education without achieving gender equality in terms of providing educational opportunities so that the education system achieves social, cultural and political goals, where women constitute the entire society. Hence the problem of the current study that can be identified in these questions, what causes female illiteracy and what are the challenges and solutions? The study aimed to identify causes, challenges and solutions in the area of ​​female illiteracy. The sample of the study consisted of a group of teachers, teachers, teachers and teachers from primary, middle and secondary schools in the governorates of Iraq except for the Kurdistan region. The researcher recommends allocating monthly amounts to students belonging to poor families with low and medium incomes. The State is also interested in the construction of primary, intermediate and secondary schools for females in remote and rural areas. Educating people about the importance of education for females and combating tribal customs and traditions that prevent females from continuing education. And Iraq's commitment to conventions, treaties and international and regional legislation on women's rights, the most important of which is its right to education. The state should also increase the proportion allocated to education from the general budget and increase the proportion allocated to primary education from the education budget.

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غني خضير العزاويأ. م. د. م. (2019). Female Illiteracy: Causes, Challenges, Solutions "Field Study in the Iraqi Society". ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 58(4), 163-194. https://doi.org/10.36473/ujhss.2019.58.4.163-194