Violence and Terrorism (Socio-Anthropological study in Baghdad/Al Doura A case Study)

  • م.م. سناء صالح عبد علي University - college of Arts -Department of Anthropology and Sociology
Keywords: Violence, Terrorism, Jihad


Violence and Terrorism are regarded the biggest problems facing societies in our modern world. The size of this problem varies from one society to another according to the culture and characteristics of each society. The manifestations of violence and terrorism today are among the most serious phenomena that threaten the human security of all societies at the international and international levels. Violence and terrorism by the armed groups in our new Iraq after 2003 are one of the most serious problems faced by society in our contemporary history, which resulted in tens of thousands of victims of different sects and religions in Iraq. This phenomenon leads us stop and discuss, the violence has become a source of concern and the security, technical, social and political threat that we aspire to enjoy compared to the rest of the stable peoples (politically and economically). The search for the factors of armed violence and terrorism is a hard task. There is no single picture of violence. There is no single factor behind this. The search for the depth of these factors is different according to the different directions and interpretations of science and knowledge. The sociologists and anthropologists believe that the problem of violence is linked to man since eternity, and it can't be traced back to psychological or economic reasons, but to factors that contributed to their emergence. Violence varies according to different ideas, cultures, systems and historical stages.

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