Libyan- American relation 1969-2011


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Muna Hussien Obeed جامعة بغداد/ مركز الدراسات الاستراتيجية والدولية



Libya has acquired a great importance in the strategy of the United States of America on different levels. USA has sought through its relations with Libya to achieve different political and economic goals.

     According to the importance of Libya, the United States has managed to make pacts and agreement with it and even installing military basis there.

In Spite of the cooperation and alliances between the two parts, the relations has deteriorated since the revolution of 1969,because of the policy of the new revolutionary regime which tried to enhance the national attitudes in achieving the Arab unity and the de- installing  of the British and American basis and the nationalization of the oil companies.

     The relations has deteriorated to the point that Libya was put in the list of states sponsoring terrorism especially after 9/11, but Libya managed to change its foreign policy and tried to cooperate with the united states in deterring terrorism.

      But after the so called Arab spring the relations had deteriorated badly after the United States intervention to over through Moamer Qadaphi. In spite of the nature of the Libyan system and its authoritarian policy which pushed the united states to get rid of him  ,but even so it used the allegation of human rights violations as a pretext to get rid of him.


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