The Codes And Illustrations Of Code In Fadva Toghan’s Poem

  • Prof. Asst. Dr. Aishaq Rhmany University of Shiraz
  • Dr. mrim Ebasely Nzad University teacher raised
Keywords: : Fadava Toghan , Code , illustrations of Code , resistance


Inclination toward using code is one of the manifestations of modernism in the contemporary poetry to which poets, especially poets of literature of resistance are inclined, in order to decorate their words and make them ambiguous so that the reader has to probe deep into his mind in order to get the poet’s intended meaning. Fadava Toghan is one of the poets’ of literature of resistance who utilizes code in her literature. Toghan uses code and code illustrations in most of her poems, especially those about her country and issues of Palestine. She gets use of various and new ways like using colors, religion , myths, characters and historical events in order to express the code illustrations. She expresses the most of her codes with illustration eloquent. As the reader see the shadows of these illustration eloquent in most of her poems

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Rhmany, P. A. D. A., & Nzad, D. mrim. (2017). The Codes And Illustrations Of Code In Fadva Toghan’s Poem. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 222(1), 113-135.