Symbols in the Poems of Resistance by Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh: A structural Semiotic Study

  • الاستاذ المشارك صادق فتحي دهکردی University of Tehran
  • طالب الدكتوراه نادر محمدي University of Tehran
  • مجتبى عمراني بور, استاذ مساعد University of Tehran
  • الاستاذ المساعد جهاد فيض الاسلام University of Tehran
Keywords: al-Maqaleh, Semantics, Symbol, Saussure, Contemporary Arabic Poetry


      Semiotics is the knowledge that studies symbols and symbols and plays an important role in understanding the implications and hidden layers of the text. Abdul Aziz al-Maqaleh is one of the most famous symbolist and militant poets in contemporary Arabic literature. The poet uses the symbol technique in his poems of endurance and, by using symbols, in addition to permitting and deepening his speech, embodies his heart's desire in the eyes of the audience. These symbols are beautifully able to express the characteristics and attributes of the modulus and to inspire the poet to the reader. The poet has delicately chosen these symbols to express his wishes, and has put them together and linked them in a delicate and imaginative way. Therefore, interpreting and analyzing these symbols is essential for understanding the poet's message. The intensity of the suffocation and the lack of freedom of expression have had a significant impact on the poet's embodiment of symbolism, and he has spoken out in secret in order to guard against possible dangers such as imprisonment and terror. In the form of symbols, al-Maqaleh addresses the main themes of sustainability, namely freedom, oppression, the occupiers, and the martyrs. The present article seeks to interpret and analyze the semiotics of symbols in the poems of Sustainability of Mecca by a descriptive-analytic method. According to the findings of this paper, the symbols in al-Maqaleh's poems have, in addition to their own meanings, other implicit meanings in the inner layers of the text that are discovered by structuralist semiotic analysis.

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دهکردیا. ا. ص., محمديط. ا. ن., بورم., & الاسلاما. ا. ج. (2021). Symbols in the Poems of Resistance by Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh: A structural Semiotic Study. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 60(1), 25-38.