The Dual Character in The Contemporary Theatrical Text (Ali Al- Wardi and His Rival) as A Model


  • Dr. Ammar Abdul Salman Mohammed Ministry of Education



characters, duality, text


The dramatic (theatrical) text is considered a world of problems, signs and
connotations, as its characteristics are based, including personality in
general, and what it suffers from insecurities within that text, as it is
considered the main engine of events and among the personality types are
those that we coexist with in our daily life and which bear the
characteristic (duality) So the researcher studied this character dramatically
and divided it into four chapters. The first chapter deals with the research
problem based on the following question (What is the duality of
personality in the theatrical text Ali al-Wardi and his opponent), its
importance, the need for it, the purpose of the research and its limits, as
well as defining some terms in the topic of the research.
In the second chapter, the theoretical framework, the researcher reviewed
in the first topic the importance of personality duality in sociology, and in
the second topic the duality of personality within the global theatrical text
based on the most important global models from the Greeks to the world
stage, reviewing (authors) and models of their theatrical texts.
In the third chapter, the research procedures, as the researcher chose his
research community represented by the achievements of the biography
theater by the Iraqi playwright (Dr. Aqil Mahdi Youssef) and the research
sample represented by the text of the play (Ali al-Wardi and his opponent)
defining the research methodology, tools and methods, then he analyzed
the sample intentionally and in the fourth chapter the researcher presented
The most important findings and conclusions reached by the research, the
most important proposals and recommendations, reinforced by the search
for a list of sources and references, and a summary of the research in both
Arabic and English.


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