From the text of Ibn Hibban on documenting it (trust) in his book Trusts

  • أ.م.د. عامر شاكر عبد Diwan Sunni Endowment
  • د. براق شاكر عبد the great Emam university College
Keywords: trust, documentation, narrator, updated, correct, weak


This research is a survey and study of what Ibn Hibban described as "trust" in his book
Al-Thaqat, which included a large number of narrators who included this description. The number of narrators was 18, The narrator, and then the transfer of the words of the scientists wound and amendment in short, and then the summary statement of interview statements and mentioned the consent of Ibn Habban to others or not, so needed to explain the concept of the term (trust) in Ibn Hibban and other modernists, (Two followers), then a layer (followers of the followers), and thena layer (follow the followers), it is shown in conclusion Ibn Hibban did not set a precise definition of the term trust. The number of narrators who were described by Ibn Hibban as saying: (trust) reached (18) Rao, ie, their percentage (50%), which is acceptable but does not correspond to the subject of the book , And this supports the validity of what was said of the indulgence of Ibn Hibban in the documentation, and the number of narrators who agreed to the words of Ibn Hibban say modernists reached (9) narrators. The number of narrators who disagreed with modernists Ibn Hibban in their documentation (6) narrators, and the number of narrators who are alone Ibn Hibban in their documentation, and did not mention others (3) narrators.

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