Spatial Variation of Large-Scale Industries in Diyala Governorate for 2019‎


  • Dr. May Thamer Ragab Diyala University / College of Education for Human Sciences Geographical Department



large industries‎, industrial structure‎, food industries, construction industries, basic metallurgical industries


 The research aims to identify the large-sized industries in the province of Diyala and their spatial distribution to the administrative units, as well as to know the important locational factors that contributed to signing them in their current locations. Hence the question is: Have the large-sized industries in Diyala province invested all the potentials available for the activity? Is there a discrepancy in the distribution of large-sized industries at the level of the districts of Diyala Governorate? And that their investment was not efficient and was not distributed in a balanced and fair manner in the districts of the governorate, due to several problems related to industry and development.  The research adopted the spatial approach represented by studying the spatial variation of large-sized industries in Diyala governorate for the year 2019, and the research concluded that large-sized industrial facilities in the governorate Diyala is one of the facilities that has a vital role in providing the local market requirements of its industrial products, as well as its active contribution to The development and development of the economic and social sectors at the governorate level, such as the agricultural and commercial sectors, the education sector, transportation and the rest of the service sectors, as well as their role in the development of reconstruction and construction projects. For the large industry sector in the province. There is a large and clear variation in the distribution of large-sized industrial projects in Diyala governorate. While we find that most large-sized industrial projects are concentrated in Baquba district, we find other districts that are empty of them, and this is clear and tangible evidence that there are great and wide potentials in the governorate that have not been properly invested.


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