The Effectiveness of a Program Based on Reading Strategies in ‎Developing Reading Comprehension and Productive Thinking ‎Skills for Fifth Graders


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Wassan Abbas Jassim College of Education - Al-Mustansiriya University



reading strategies, reading comprehension, productive thinking


This research aims to identify the effectiveness of a program based on reading strategies in developing reading comprehension and productive thinking skills for fifth grade students. To achieve the goal of the research, the researcher followed the experimental and descriptive approach to suit the conditions of her research, and chose a sample of (65) male and female students divided into two experimental groups. As a control, the researcher prepared a reading comprehension skills test that included (20) objective tests, and a test in productive thinking skills that included (16) test items, and after applying the two tests on the research sample and analyzing the results statistically, it became clear that the experimental group was superior to the control group in Posttest of reading comprehension skills and productive thinking skills.


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