Degree of Geography Students Practice of Listening Skills in Geographical Subjects from the Student' 'View Points

  • م.د. رحيم كاظم بيدي University of Mustansiriya / college of Basic Education
Keywords: Listening skills, Students' view points


The objective of the current research is to determine the degree of practice of geography students in listening skills in geographical subjects from the point of view of students. In order to achieve this objective, the researcher adopts the descriptive approach. The research community comprises all the students of the Department of Geography for the academic year 2018-2019. The researcher has prepared a questionnaire as a tool for his research which is tested for its credibility and consistency. The questionnaire includes (22) items.The researcher has used a number of statistical methods including: the arithmetic mean and standard deviation, and the T-test for two independent samples. The research has reached a number of results which are:  item (7) which states that ( paying attention to what is being said and be away from side topics that distract the speaker and take him away from the maim topic) is ranked the first in relation to the paragraphs of the questionnaire. Item (15) is ranked in the twenty-second in comparison with the other items of the questionnaire which states that (picking up similarities and differences of opinion). After using the T-test of two independent samples to identify the existence of differences of statistical indications at the level (0.05) among the items of the questionnaire, the results of the current study indicates that there have been statistically significant differences at the level of significance (0.05) in favor of males. As for the variable of the stage, the results of the current study have shown that there are difference of statistical indications at the level of (0.05) in favor of third-stage students.

The research reaches to a number of recommendations which are: the need to direct the concerned persons in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to plan training programs for all the faculty members and train them on listening skills so that they can teach these skills to their students.

The researcher suggests a set of suggestions which are: conducting a similar study of the current study in other colleges and other sections

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