Bridges link to highways and their impact on traffic

  • أ.م.د. لقاء ;كريم خضير College of Education / Ibn Rushd for Humanities - University of Baghdad
Keywords: Expressways, Traffic, Lane, lane, Congestion hour, Bridges outside the central area


The research deals with how the construction of bridges and highways linked to the central area, the bridges outside the central area and their connection to highways, as well as the role of bridges in the ease of access to recreational areas have evolved. The research aims to evaluate the efficiency of highways and their approaches in reducing traffic momentum inside and outside the central region. The research problem indicates that it is necessary to connect highways to the bridges of the Tigris River to facilitate the flow of traffic between the two sides of Baghdad. The research assumes that the research found that the flow of vehicles flowing at the intersections of highways crossing intersecting with the main or secondary roads is slow, which leads to a traffic momentum on those roads intersecting with highways.

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خضيرأ. ل. (2020). Bridges link to highways and their impact on traffic. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 59(1), 162-200.