The Problem of Reality in Bashlarian Epistemology

  • م.د. باسم راجح جمال الدين University of Baghdad / College of Arts
Keywords: Bashlaria, Epistemology, Problematic, Truth


The crisis of contemporary scientific intellectuality has been found because there are differences between philosophy and science, and between imagination intellectuality and experimental intellectuality, and systematic spacing between systems of intentions  and means .

This diversity between the two directions is because of sticking to basics adding the field of foundation space in acceptable and limited elements , focusing on closed formats ,supporting traditional values and  refusing renewal and progress .

Ghaston  Bashler  noticed this crisis which affects contemporary scientific phase, he felt the way of difficulty of pinpointing troubles ,distinguishing causes ,watching out stumble attempts of getting out , to be away from these supplements by depending on method of epistemological direction  and to be bias to one thoughtful doctrine and leaving the others .

Bashler appreciates that there are cuts, reflections, breaking out revolutionaries within the trends of science history. He recognizes the favor of science to educate , develop , teach , train mind  and to enable it to benefit from its mistakes , to avoid errors , to overpass obstructions and suppressions .

The science does not transfer from general knowledge into theoretical knowledge , from visible actuality into objective reality except by making epistemology break from the direct given variable, spontaneous experience , to destruct pre-rule or unscientific statements , to go towards building , to erect parallel practice , to reasonableness phenomena , to count reality , to extend wars controversially , to form new harmonious knowledge that has the ability to comprehend contradictions and to interpret the universe include reality wholeness.

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