Building a Model of Infrastructure Standards in our Educational Institutions

  • أ.م.د رعد خلف عطية Ministry of Education / Director of the Department of Total Quality Management and Institutional Development
Keywords: Educational Institution's , Infrastructures , Model ,Quality Standards


The research aims firstly to identify the availability of infrastructure standards in the Iraqi educational institutions, Secondly, to build a model of infrastructure standards in our educational institutions. The research community consists of 45 administrative staff members , namely the managers of administrative, technical and scientific departments  in the ministry of education. Whereas the number of the sample is randomly chosen which is of (40) individuals, the researcher adopts Pearson correlation coefficient, Vaccronbach equation, T-test, standard deviation, and degree of conformity to determine the availability of infrastructure standards in Iraqi educational institutions. The results show a widening gap in standards of facilities and equipment; limited information solemnity for scientific research requirement, poor financial planning, and lack of training of human resources. The research concludes many recommendations, including the need to plan, design and implement infrastructure standards according to the best international standards and adopt advanced strategies for maintenance, improvement and development to meet the needs of beneficiaries and allocate the required financial resources.

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عطيةأ. ر. (2020). Building a Model of Infrastructure Standards in our Educational Institutions. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 59(1), 51-76.