Job Involvement And its Relationship To the Daily Disturbances Among Educational Counselors

  • أ.م.د. سالم حميد عبيد Ministry of Education/ Al- Anbar
Keywords: Daily disturbances, Job Involvement, educational counselors.


        The study aims to identify Job Involvement and its relationship to the Daily disturbances among Educational Counselors. The researcher uses descriptive approach and the study sample consists of (200) Educational Counselors. The research instruments used are: Job Involvement scale and Daily disturbances scale. The (face, and construction) validity and consistency of the instruments have been investigated using internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha). The study came to the following findings: - The degree of Job Involvement among Educational Counselors was (31.8350) and this refers to a higher level compared with the theoretical average (30) and that their Daily disturbances level is (157.0800) which is a high level indicating that the sample have high daily disturbances when compared with the theoretical average (150). The study showed that there are no significant statistical differences among the Educational Counselors in the level of Job Involvement due to the sex variable, while – concerning the daily disturbances - the results show the absence of the difference of statistical significance among the educational counselors due to the sex variable to the favor of female. Besides, the results indicate that there is a positive correlative relationship between the job involvement and the daily disturbances.


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عبيدأ. س. (2019). Job Involvement And its Relationship To the Daily Disturbances Among Educational Counselors. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 58(4), 53-80.