The Uses of MAKE in Magazines Advertisements

  • Asst. Inst. May Tahseen Hameed College of Education for Human Sciences English Department
Keywords: ads ,MAKE , animacy


     MAKE has a special importance in texts the reason behind that is because its meaning changes according to the context it appears in ,one property of MAKE is polysemy; its meaning is determined by the context :i.e. the animacy  of the causer and the causee , the evaluation of the causal course of action intended ,through that it transmits one sense rather than the another .The study aims at investigating the uses of MAKE in magazines advertisements being a kind of communication and finding out which use is most prominent .Magazines ads is known as ads printed in either a local or national magazines. In business field ,in order to sell the products ,the producers choose effective words to attract the person’s attention and make an unforgettable impression .They aim at making an observable and easy to remember ads .They use language very differently  ,and focus on meaning so the receiver better remembers the text .The focus of the study is on the meanings of MAKE which presents a remarkable challenges for semantic analysis. The study follows chatti (2012) as a model for the data analysis. There is a limited number of studies on the employment of MAKE  in different forms of discourse .This study tries to shed more light on this area .The study comes out with the result that ads use lexical and conceptual means of the causative situation on which MAKE is used ,and that the mechanical meaning followed by the control meaning is used more than other meanings.

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