Design Portable Device for Irrigation System using ZigBee

  • Mohammed Abdul Jabar Abdul Wahab Iraqia University - Faculty of Islamic Sciences
Keywords: WSN, Moisture sensor, Microcontroller, ZigBee


The smart irrigation systems considered as one of the most new significant technologies in this century to control the watering system and help the plants to grow. This research is focused on the design of an irrigation system based on one of the wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies which is ZigBee technology. The proposed design has an autonomous soil moisture monitoring system with wireless sensor network and ZigBee interfacing for transmitting data from slave to master side. In addition to that, the purpose of monitoring system suggested in this work is to measure and display the ratio of water soil in real-time. Soil moisture sensors have been used in this proposed design for measuring changes in soil volumetric water and changes ration of water found in the soil was evaluated under outdoor environment conditions for two averages of watered soil (40% and 70%). The real-time data of watered soil has been collected for two different value of watering (40 and 70%) and data collected vary based on location of the sensor in soil and how much soil dried in that point. It is found that the water ratio (70%) is better than (40%) from the experimental results.

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Abdul Wahab, M. A. J. (2018). Design Portable Device for Irrigation System using ZigBee. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 216(1), 35-48.