The most important social problems faced by families in caring for children with autism and ways of treatment and rehabilitation


  • Assist profr Dr. Abeer Najim Abdullah Ahmad University of Baghdad / Educational and Psychological Research Center



"The most important social problems of the family in the care of Autistic children and ways of treatment and rehabilitation (Rami in a field study center for the care of autistic children and slow learners)"(Social problems, Autistic children, rehabilitation)The current research aims to identify the most important social and psychological problems experienced by families in the care of children Autistic and what are the most prominent solutions and treatments to the families of the children, especially the parents in the care of these children, and what are the most important roads in the rehabilitation and treatment provided by Rahman Institute which (Rami previously) in care autistic child and that contribute to overcome the difficulties faced by them.The most important findings of the research:1-74% of families with autistic children suffer from difficulties in social relations.2-92% of the sample in which the brothers suffer frompsychological and social burden the existence of an autistic brother.3-80% of the children's families in which the parents of Autistic problems and disorders family suffers.4-70% of households Autistic children suffer injury as a result of social epilepsy or mental disability problems.5-80% of households have resorted to international organizations to take care of the child within and outside the country.6-78% of the families of autistic children confirms the ability of the Institute on the rehabilitation of the child in its ability to rely on himself.

7-74% of the sample confirms the auspices of medically Institute of autistic children.

The most important recommendations on the family:1. Child can be treated early bands to help him develop social and language skills.2. The child was given an opportunity in the completion of his duties, which help him to give confidence in himself and the evolution of his senses and make it stable.The most important recommendations for the state:

  1. Provide special food and medical basket autistic child.
  2. Providing material support.
  3. Training professional cadres in the perpetuation of how to communicate with the families of autistic children.


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