Building and application of statistical measure of concern among university students


  • M. Dr.. Hind Sabih Rahim University of Baghdad / College of Education and Human Sciences / Ibn Rushd - Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences



The aims of current research into building and applying statistical anxiety scale in a sample of shining students stood size (250) request and female students, including 133 students, and 117 students, for the purpose of achieving the goal of research adopted a researcher definition of concern EMI (Anojiose 0.2000) was drafting (32) paragraph to measure the statistical concern and to verify the validity of paragraphs logically presented to a group of experts in Educational and Psychological Sciences, and the percentage of agreement (85%) For the purpose of analysis Vqrt scale extraction Alsekoumtrah characteristics have been applied to the sample (250) students and prayed istikhaarah force discriminatory paragraphs style two extremes, either ratified paragraph has been extracted through the relationship of the paragraph mainly college and also been verified Alsekoumtrah characteristics of scale through honesty two (virtual honesty and sincerity construction) and consistency through the re-test method and the percentage of stability (0.79), and in order to complete the Interest from the current scale has current research findings and recommendations and proposals came out.


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