The political Education of prophet Mohammad ( prayers be on him) and Educational Applications

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Saadoon Salman Nagim University of Baghdad /College of Education/ Ibn Rushd for Humanitarian Sciences


  • The present study aims at identifying the political Education of Mohammad ( prayers be on him) and its educational applications , So as to be a living example to follow in the different levels of political work , as well as to create a generation of youth capable of  Facing the cultural invasion which may takes  away their rights in their country unconsciously.
  • The limits of the present study has been the prophet sunnah during prophet  Mohammad's life from his birth till his death .

     Several results have been reached at such as :

  1. Prophet Mohammad has been capable within twenty years to overcame on all the obstacles that have faced him , including the unbelievers who have fought , hurt , and dismissed him out of meccah in addition to the hypo crates who have conspired against him .
  2. The Prophet has been capable to make revolution that has never been like during history which has happened in a whole people be life that has transformed them from being unbelievers in to believers in one God.

Several  conclusions have been put forward such as :

  1. The Prophet has established the secret group and the public group , which call to change the society systems and beliefs , and use all the available media means such as single communication, Rhetoric , the media war against Thought and all this is political work.

The basis that the Prophets' political education has been based on is the belie fine One God ( Al- Tawheed ) and Islam with all the legislated beliefs , worships and treatments 

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