The Authority of Pleaing to the Quranic Examples in the Speech of AL Zahra (pbuh)

  • Prof. Asst. Dr. Fatima Karim Resin University of Baghdad– college of Education IbnRushd – Dept. of Arabic


   The structure of argument is one of the most structures that can be used in speech because of the power it has in giving conviction it was used byAlzahra (pbuh)  in her sermon as an evidence of its legitimacy in the Holy Quran.

          The structure of plea is within the heart of the interaction between the speaker and his\her audience. Therefore, Alzahra (pbuh) speech included found a big horizon in the plea as it includes many structures

          We can conclude from the study of the linguistic speech in the oration of Alzahra (pbuh)   through the argument and the revelation of the oratory policies that surpasses the traditional structure and the suggestive meaning of the sermon to the level of delivering the doctrinal and political essence of the speech which cited the powerful plea of a scared book that can refute any claim of linguistic structure since this is unchangeable

The study is divided into two inquiries: the first is authority of Quranic citation, the second is the examples of the Quranic citation.

In the techniques of the communicative argument: 1- the argument a s a model 2- argument with declamatory face  3- the power of argument and the rape of minds 4- argument with neglect.

One of the most important findings of the study is that the argument speech in the Arabic tradition is governed by rules and customs that are followed by the parties.

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