Translating New Words: The Effect of Neologism on Translation

  • Assist Prof. Anas Kh. Ibraheem Al-Ma'moon University College Department of Translation
Keywords: Neologism, New words, Equivalent, Translation.


Neologisms are the translator's biggest problem. New objects, ideas, emotional words, scientific terms, slang and dialects are continually created or coming into the mainstream of language. While transferring words, each language acquires 3000 new words, annually (Usevičs, 2012).

The problem of translating new words is one of the hardest tasks facing translators; one cannot find such words in ordinary dictionaries even the newest specialized ones only after a while.

      This paper draws the attention of translators and learners to the increasing number of such new words. Thus, neologism in English causes the dilemma of finding an Arabic equivalent.

For this purpose, translating such new words is important to understand the term of neologism. How it is being created? What does it stand for? How to translate Neologism?

A list of new English words are given to (5) translators in different specialized fields. They are asked to find out an equivalent or translate these new words using Sayadi's techniques (2011).  After collecting the data, the results show how each translator manage the translation of Neologism in an acceptable way into Arabic, and the techniques that were adopted.

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Ibraheem, A. P. A. (2021). Translating New Words: The Effect of Neologism on Translation. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 60(2), 1-26.