) Cartographic Generalization in the Water Network Maps of Chamchamal Basin, Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • م .د عبدالرزاق صالح حماد Al-Anbar directory of Al-Anbar governorate
Keywords: mapping, network, watering, basin, geographic.


Study of morphometric qualification has greatest importance for the study of hydrological and geomorphological qualification, this relationship can express about the relationships between the factor and the operation of the land that has co-relationship with it, and what spring of it, although there is multiplicity and complexity of the erosion for the ground phenomenon that has relationship of it and as well as that sprung out of it, we can investigate and examine these phenomenon through a lot of regulations ,  after it was depending on descriptive analytical study in order to analysis its qualifications , the top ten geomorphological who were relying on athletically style as well as calculated style in order to investigate the basin of the river and the drainage system like Hilton ,stillar, shoam and Makboot …ect.They were depending on mathematical and as qualitative style in order to investigate the basin of the rivers as well as the drainage system , and the relationship between the length of the creeks as well as the length and the distance of its basins and its slanting , in order to know the relationship between secondary drainage and its main drainage system…

Mapping design can be considered as the main applicable design for the digital mapping system which is relying on integration between GIS and the science of mapping in order to extract the geographical substances which can be contributed to analyze natural geographical phenomenon as well human qualifications, so as the geographical phenomenon hold close relationship within place and time of the incident of the same qualifications of ground, the clearest representation of its gradients, so the clearest representation of its gradients can be considered as geographical necessity after we can choose the right style in order to represent these phenomenon on the map, so there is an attempt  in order to find different effective ways to calculate water underground system , that the designer can be overgeneralized water systems on the basis of subjective qualification and subjective these qualifications according to its drainage and morphometric systems because these designs play great role for its secondary and thirdly dimensions. So in order to main keeping on this network according to its drainage, and it can be deleted or exemplified can be considered as overgeneralized system as well as building its digital designs through secondary and thirdly designs for the purpose of building basic geographical data basis of multiple purposes.

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