The Argument Dimensions in the New Arabic Poem (Applicable approaches)

  • م.د. أمل سلمان حسان Ministry of Education, Fine Arts Institute
Keywords: acting, argumentative dimensions, dialogue, repetition, titling.


The reader would find the new Arabic poem having a new tendency to have a high argument aspect   that is being considered as a reaction toward the reality of living after being failed to establish utopia in His Home due to the oppressive policies and corrupt regimes; a matter which has led to make the argumentative and the persuasive means one of its most important features let alone to its fantastic function.

Thus, the researcher has tried to uncover the most important argument aspects on which this poem is based through approaches applied on three poets having one Arabic concern and similar political conditions in a crucial stage of the history of Arab nations, these three poets are:  Jasim Mohammed Jasim al-Ajah from Iraq, and his poem titled Shi’ab Bawan;  Omar Hizaa from Syria  his poem titled Today I quit writing;and the poet  Omar Anaz from Iraq  and his poem titled But she has gone away,by revealing the argument dimensions which characterize the Arabic poem.

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