The Narrative Component in the Novel Nethar Alajsad Elmahroka of Wassini Laaraj -Semantic Structural Approach-

  • د. سامي الوافي جامعة أم البواقي- الجزائر
Keywords: The Novel, Semiotics, The Narrative Component, The Narrative program, Grimas.


    In the present study, the narrative construct in the novel have been analyzed of: Nethar Alajsad Elmahroka by Wassini Laaraj focusing on the surface structure (the narrative component) which, in its imaginary world, the subject of the conflict between the society, the intellectual and the authority occupied an impressive position which made it constructed with a way that create confusion for the reader by fueling the conflict inside him. To the point that anxiety infection and the lack of answers spread from outside to inside, including a number of its central characters, and analyzing the semantic structure in it led us to the dissection of the global structures. Taking into account a number of cases and transformations which characterized its characters, through the roles they perform during the transformation process, this is because the narrative is based on successive statements which are used in it, to form a set of actions aimed at achieving a project, adopted by its central characters, and here the paper will limit the discussion about the comprehensive structures in the narrative component. That is why the paper chooses the major and dominant selves in the narrative text and then linking them to the narrative programs for the multiplicity and diversity of its desires because every story is carried a plot that formed the climax of the conflict in the relationships of the characters with each other.

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