Vanity and Narcissistic Personality Disorder


  • Prof. Ina̛am Lafta Musa Ph.D University of Baghdad /College of Arts- Depart. of Psychology



             Vanity and narcissistic personality disorder share common qualities make it difficult ,to some extent, to differentiate them. There are theoretical  opinions which suggest that vanity is a characteristic of narcissistic personality traits. The two variables have been studied  from a psychoanalytic point of view, and despite the lack of studies and literature on the variable of vanity, still there is a number of studies that have tried to find a relationship between the two variables and this is what is aimed at in the current study. In other words, the aim is to find a relationship between vanity and narcissistic personality disorder in addition to measuring both variables separately and finding the difference in each one of them on the levels of the two variables: sex and specialization. To achieve this ,vanity and narcissistic personality disorder scale has been applied on a sample of 220 female and male students from University of Baghdad . The results were that the students are characterized by vanity and there is a difference in it in favor of males and students with scientific specialization who are also well known for their narcissistic personality disorder. There was no difference between males and females,while there was a difference in favor of students of scientific specialization. A number of recommendations and proposals was presented in the light of that


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