Commitment in the poetry of Sayyid Qutb

  • Assist. prof. Hafidh M. A. Alshammary Mustansiriya University College of Arts


   The varying degrees of commitment, and may be raised in this area, the aesthetics of language, the fact that beauty alone is the spirit of literature, not what distinguishes literature from other form of knowledge but the boundary between literature and the language of scientific language is a beauty. the poet SayyidQutb through his poetry obligated to live up his ideas and objectives tagged to maintain that poetry that has not only written in his ownburning blood, until it snaps dictated by what his heart for others. The poet has made vocabulary glowing vibrant tender. We introduced us spaces lover of freedom and patriotism and the defense of the crucial issues of the people . Introduced the poet through his poetry squeezer committed his ideas to be a light to the generations. He was ordained in his poetry stand it deserves approach and analysis, being a breeding carries the tastes of the people, and to maximize the virtues and altruism for the unity of the community and dedication to work To survive to be hope for future generations and for the fulfillment of its freedom and dignity and unity

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