Globalization and Its Effect on Vocational Human Relations for Arab Woman


  • Dr. Huda Muhsen Hassan Al-Yasiry Ministry of Education/ Institutes of Teachers



This research aims to study and analysis the concept of globalization and its effect in the economic field and what will lead to of mixing powers and parties unqualified in their capabilities and abilities also their values and traditions and their negative effects on the vocational human relations that Arab woman and what reflects on her role in the economic development that passed it a long way to fill her status in work with his brother the man and contribute in the movement of building and development in her country, consequently, there were duties and responsibilities to face this mixing and inference that world witnessed and working on limiting its negative effects on building and structuring Arab Homeland economically which provide Arab Woman with enough opportunities and suitable climate for development. Inductive Methodology and Explanative Methodology have been used for studying    reality and concept of globalization and its effect on human relations in the work of Arab Woman by review globalization concept, globalization and labor opportunities, concept of vocational human relations, Arab Woman role in the economic activity , then analyzing concept of globalization and its effect on vocational human relations for Arab woman by depending on latest publishing on this field of researchers and studies , the researcher reached to number of conclusions most important are:

  1. Changing in vocational human relations in field of globalization will lead to decline role of Arab woman in the economic development.
  2. Preference for material profit will be on account of moral side for Arab woman.
  3. Instability the system of values and confusions in human relations between individuals and groups in formal and informal working.
  4. Decreasing income level of woman because of decreasing labor opportunities and dividing labor on basis of sex for man as psychological, natural and social character.


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