Quantitative and incidental analysis of road accidents No. (6) Section (1)


  • Dr. Jamal Hamed Rashid Al Dulaimi University of Baghdad / college of Education Ibn Rushd for Humanities




Spatial analysis of traffic accidents on the road to Baghdad - Cote d'

Represent traffic accidents and the resulting human and material losses with significant implications for the national economy through the resulting from the steadily growing in accidents. The purpose of the preparation of this message, highlighting the importance of the road to Baghdad - Cote in between Baghdad and Khafezh Wasit and cons of accidents and the problems caused by the extent of their capacity to satisfy the need of users in the study area private towing General because this road is a product of the development in the study area , reaching Total length of road ( 172 / km) a reflection of the level of development and economic activity, which reached the region as well as the fact that this road is the basis for the implementation of many projects of economic and development across the two provinces and Iraq also aimed message to determine the extent of the impact of geographic factors positively and negatively on the network, in order to finding the relationship between the road as a phenomenon of geography and the surroundings of the elements of natural and human in its schedule, and the aim of this study was to determine the characteristics and features and follow the development dimensions of the road , and explore patterns in the light of the changes spatial in the

 territory of the study and evaluation of geography as a reflection of the extent of its development economically and socially in the study area,In order to achieve these goals varied ways curriculum known followed by the researcher , in keeping with the nature of the topics in the course of the search, The study of traffic accidents on the road to Baghdad - Cote d' distribution and causes and effects that appear as a result of such incidents so contained study carries four chapters and ensure each chapter , including a number of detective first chapter three detectives , first , for example , use historical approach when pursuing the origins and evolution of roads and the second part the use of the curriculum fundamentalist , which dealt with geographical factors that have affected the road network , which turned out to be an impact and role in causing the accident and then in Section III of the research study of human factors and their impact on the way the study area and traffic accidents.                  


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