The Creativity Literary of Gongora

  • Assist Instructor: Ahmed Abdulrazzaq Al-Rubaiee Alimam Al-Adam University college


 Luis de Góngora y Argote, (1561-1627), Spanish poet, is one of the most influential Spanish poets of his era. His Baroque, convoluted style, known as Gongorism  was so exaggerated by less gifted imitators that his reputation suffered after his death until it underwent a revaluation in the 20th century.. In his literary works has expressed very well his feelings and emotions perfectly, especially the thought of his time and the themes of criticism and disappointment of the Baroque. His poetic work breaks molds and inaugurates a new language whose virtuality, still unsurpassed, continues to mark the course of contemporary poetry.  This investigation is divided in two chapters, the first presnte the biography and style of Gongora besides its works that comprise the satire. The second chapter is concerned Cultism and gonorismo, besides the Architecture of the sonnets of Góngora

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