The state of Jebel Al-Qalal (277-365 A.H. / 890 – 976 A.C.)

  • Prof. Dr. Muthana Flaifel University of Baghdad - Gollege of Education / Ibn Rushd the department of Arabic language


The study includes a detailed introduction which includes many subjects starting from the etymology passing through the location which the historians, then the beginning of the Islamic expansion in Jebel and their descending there, and lastly how that fort has fallen.Through the study, we found many state names like Farshkhaneet, Fransium, Fraxine forest and Gloria. While it witnessed the feigning of the Muslim expansion in the territory before many. Then, we tackled their struggle against the franks Jebel Al-Qalal which resulted with the attack Province and their struggle with the  Christian Aimon. The study showed that the Muslims of Jebel Al-Qalal managed to prove their control over Jebel Al-Qalal  through their economical, religious, and cultural represented in the spread of the intellectual social status. In spite of the prosperity of the state of Jebel Al-Qalal  through the period of (80) years, there were many weakness point which form the beginning of the fall of Conard plot, which for the demise of Muslims

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Flaifel, P. D. M. (2018). The state of Jebel Al-Qalal (277-365 A.H. / 890 – 976 A.C.). ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 222(1), 283-308.