Implicit and apparent in "the veil of bride" a novel by Muhammed Al Humrany

  • Ahmed Abdul RazaqNasir Al- Imain Al khadhim College for Islamic Sciencess


The thesis of New Historicism in this research stand on an approach the narrative discource in a novel named "the veil of bride" by Muhammed Al Humarany an Iraqi novelist. It's written after American occupation to Iraq in 9 April 2003. The approach also try to know how the traces of past enter the modern culture, and put the literary work in the historical Context, and then interpretate the codes of narrative text, and deeply digging to grasp the cultural systems, that lies in aesthetic text. This systems that disguise in the novels meanwhile its imagenativelyportartes the reality, from point of view agree or disagree with the historical events. So this resaearch try to deconstruct the central and dominant discourses in the aesthetic text, to reveal the part of diver mountain in the discourses of texts. The research diveds into two parts: First is a theoritcal approach, which distinguish between the traditional historical criticism and New Historical criticism, and how are they connect with the cultural criticism. Second is try to approach the novel of this research

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Abdul RazaqNasir, A. (2018). Implicit and apparent in "the veil of bride" a novel by Muhammed Al Humrany. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 222(1), 225-240.