Quranic discourse Approach in light of textual linguistics

  • M. Dr.. Khaled Hamid Sabri University of Baghdad / Faculty of Education Ibn Rushd for Humanities


    This study tends to present a vision about the linguistic importance of the text as being an interpretive and analytical aspect. This study will specifically be centered on the Quranic text. It will give a new interpretation to the text for a better understanding of the Holy Quran. This interpretation will be different from the traditional approaches and analysis made by the traditional domains of knowledge within the sciences of the Holy Quran.

       In addition, the study aims to demystify some problematic interpretations provided by researchers and specialists. Due to the uncertainty of some researchers, they became skeptic about the unity of the Quranic text. They also became skeptic about the interpretive approaches proposed by the interpreters and the specialists of the Quranic text

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Sabri, M. D. K. H. (2018). Quranic discourse Approach in light of textual linguistics. ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 222(1), 165-182. https://doi.org/10.36473/ujhss.v222i1.371