The Use of Hyperbole in Advertisements

  • م. غفران عبد الحميد علي Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Hyperbole is a deliberate overstatement or exaggeration which is not intended to be taken literally ,it is used for emphasis or effect  and it is used used  in a humorous way , to make a particular point is known as hyperbole .one example my eyes widened at the sight of the mile  .There are many types of hyperbole : basic hyperbole and composite hyperbole which are clarified by various examples from the society.

While advertisement may be defined as a message printed in a newspaper ,or broadcast on TV or radio , and paid for either an individual or a business to buy a product or services or accept an idea .

The present paper deals with the problem of what is the relation between  hyperbole and the advertisement and how can  the advertisers  use hyperbolical  words in  advertisement and why.

The use of hyperbole in advertisement  is clarified by showing different examples of advertisements that are used on T.V and radio .

The research concludes that hyperbole is a phenomenon which is found in all languages and every day there is a new advertisement according to the things and objects that are invented or used as well as the advertisers  use hyperbole to access the people's  sense to create rich and beautiful images and pictures  and may cause considerable changes in human minds and greatly increase the attractiveness of a specific product. As well as hyperbole is important and managed to add some emotional coloring to the advertisement

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