PILgrims in th the polititcal rhetoric Potry Ahmed matar amodel

  • أ.م.د. ساهرة عدنان وهيب العنبكي ALmustansaria university / college of basic Education Department of Arabic Language


Controversy initial Altd seeking to understand Alodlhalhaggagah and analysis, transfer and sort the right or weak evidence and classification of dialogues and monitoring dialectical mechanism and stop at a critical dialogue as it is the rhetoric mechanism of pilgrims mechanisms to dependence on grooming and influence, and conviction image graphs and methods aesthetic and practice of intellectual persuasion and feeling to accept a glass case on the subject of the speech as pilgrims construction consists of concepts unique to the writer, poet and philosopher and his argument in itself expressive communicative with the other knows the concepts according to the thesis text product and analyze the relationships between concepts Kaalaqat contrast, application and inclusion are transferred from the communicative to the concept of orbital the  goal of the pilgrims is persuasion reached by through Joint dialogue with the group or the other by negotiation or investigation or deliberation, or search for information or cash conversation and understanding of the tools used in the construction of a focus on the context of dialogue d and my hair Ahmed Matar in the modern era with great care of researchers and scholars due to functional dimensions and its ability to woo readers audience hijab and the proof and persuasion and even inference .

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