The provisions of money of displaced displaced study doctrinal compare

  • م.د.حنان جاسب محمد الكناني College of l mam kadhim peace be upon him of lslamic science university


The subject of comparative jurisprudence in judging the money displaced communities in lslamic jurisprudence between the snapshot and the anonymons owner and irregularity vallgth are no function and referring them either anony mons owner there is asignal indirregularity is to coerce peoples money vamoal  dis placed                                                                               

Communities not devoid of these three provisions and jurisprndence snapshot anony mons owner irregularity and there for affected studied doctrinal study                                                     

 The following objectively anonymons owner and jurisprn dential them is particularly  important in the present day What  lragis suffering from displacement and displacement froul their londs there fore in fluencd the study of this topic to see the rule of money and displaced persons displaced.

Vomoelum either unknown either shapshot vmoduaan are important and signi ficant  role in terme of keeping the secretariat said that man found her and the consequent                 

Especially  at the prssent tim we need to such as those topics to show its verdict forensic reaching views with scholars said their evidence                                                                       

Find researcher divided in to two sections , namely  the snapshot and an anonymons    owner and parweithema in lslamic  law                                                                                 

ln  cluded section the first on the snapshot to the demands of five demand first define the.

suapshot  in the  langnage  secondrule in the snapshot of the book and year and the third in cluded  explanqtions chatter and fourth opinions of jurists in the snapshot and legitimacy in the lslamic alharand v.ray schools of lslamic jurisprudence .                                                

and scholars  in the prohibiting the disposapshot  of  the snapshot, or lack there of with said evidence .                                                                                                                                  

sources and reference sites and the internet owner and then the most important male the most important reached the researcher and then in lslamic law and fifh.                                                                                                  

Ray  fuqaha at act of the book and year and third explonations talk and fourth opinions scholars in unknown owner second rule anonymons owner second included on the definition of unknown owner in the langnage of v. ray juists to act bmjhol owner . and then the most important . mention the most important findings of the researcher and then alist of sources and references ,and in tccret web sites .                                                                                                                                                   

    the third section  vahtory the irregnlarity in  lslamic jurisprndence and included the first two demands irregularity the laugnage and terminology and althata  irregnlarity in lslamic  jurisprndence and rule .                                                                                                                      

    finally , the subject  of the rule of displaced people and displaced falls under the anonymons owner and shot in compative  jurists around title                                                      

         this is my good was to study comparative  study . the foundation launched me thuffering of the people displacement and peace and blessings be upon  our master    Muhammad and his diving  good and the    owners good guys almentajabin .                                                                                                  

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