The Educational Values of John Dewey

  • م.د. نسرين خليل حسين University of Mustansirya faculty of Education
Keywords: the values, education, Dewey


John Dewey was one of the most influential philosophers in the second half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century in many domains. The first domain is the philosophical one as Dewey was the founder of the philosophy of pragmatism which came in response to the idealism. For the educational field, according to his new educational theories and views, he is considered as one of the founders of the educational philosophy in modern and contemporary education. The most significant aspects in education are Dewey's educational values as it is the source of the pedagogical goals that the ministry of education strive to achieve. Also, it is the source of human behaviour modification.

Our research aims to display the educational opinions and attitudes of John Dewey and to achieve that we have three topics. The first topic is about Dewey's most significant educational opinions and values. The second one is a study of the role of the idea and action that forming educational values. The third topic is about describing the values as a beneficial experience.

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