The concept of Revelation Reading ln the texts of the mohammed mujtahid alshabastry


  • م.د.عمار عبد الكاظم رومي جامعة بغداد/ كلية الآداب



Al – shabastry sets in his reading of the revelation from the distinction between two classifications . then first classification he speaks on the level of  human reading , in the second classification hr speaks about the supernatural reading . in this classification , he employs a set of sayings which belong to western cultural products . these sayings override the problematic thesis of the tradition in dealing with the problematic of traditions from dual view to the this , and dealing with divisional view of the text , takink with   the lingual or historical context , or making the text bears more than it does in actuality . these reading have been transformed from cognitive and reading problems . these reading deal with the tradition as a tradition that represent the congnitive actuality and the absolute truth . these readings have arrived to this depiction through the mechanic understanding of tradition . these reading have neglected clearly the previous knowledge of the author of the and text and does not pay any attention to the history of the text , it also does not any attention to the language away from the legendary beginning of it . the natural sequence of these reading that the prevalent start between two options . one option gives a double value to the textuality and the second is by holding on to the literal meaning . tradition becomes involved in the two options that share the unique reading of the defined thing , netlecting the other . the reason for this is that their ideological understanding . but the historical stage . to get out this crises , al – shabastry suggest amending the unique reading to the multiple reading unique . al – shabastry employ of the historical stage    through the western cultural product in the tradition . thus , the shabastian strategy was based on the proguction of new saying and employment of linguistics in the dissection of the tradition and deconstruct it making the theme of revelation is the focus of his attention it tackles the inquisition of the revelation through posing the issue of the intellectual interest .                                                                                                                                    

the sophist . he sees the spiritual aspect in the lslamac ideology as the thematic aspect in the construction of any society . al –shabastri gives the heading in lslamic thinking . he sees in this tendency agreement with sophit experience , but in high degree the thesis al – shabastri about the revelation gives three trends .                                                                                               

1.on the trend first – the trend theological . 

  1. on the trend second – the trend philosophical .
  2. On the trend theared – the trend sophistcal .


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