Educational curricula in the Maghreb


  • م.د. سناء خدا كرم عزيز University of Baghdad / Faculty of Languages



    Education is linked to Morocco since the first Islamic conquests or what is also called the Koranic schools or Islamic education or authentic education. This school has to teach science for transport, such as science legitimate linguistic and literary science and knowledge, dulling their mental and cosmic science. These schools have contributed to the spread of Islam, and to make it in all parts of Morocco, also contributed in providing frameworks qualified scientific competence, which took teaching assignments, and fatwas, and the Imamate, and rhetoric, and notarization, and the judiciary, and arithmetic, and the Administration, and counseling Bowl. As a graduate of this, many scientists, thinkers and intellectuals schools and a lot of pundits Mosusien in-depth knowledge of all the arts. Has been notorious in the Muslim world Maghreb and bright, but graduated some sultans of the Kingdom of Morocco and its founders, the son of a slave of God Yassin stationed leader, and Ahmad al-Mansur Sultan State Saadia.

These scientists also worked on the education of boys and girls and students establish a Quranic school, mosques, schools and colleges, to teach these learners the principles of Islamic law and the rules of the Arabic language, and the adoption of Islamic studies to keep the faith Muhammadiyah, and the protection of the Arabic language, dialects and local dialects. These scientists also contributed to the preservation of the Maliki school.


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