Religious Discourse in the Light of the Linguistic ‎Use


  • Jaafar Dhafeer Hassouni Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Education, Baghdad, Rusafa/2‎
  • Asst. Inst. Adel Madi Sabr Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Education, Baghdad, Rusafa/3‎



linguistic policy, language planning, religious discourse‎, duplication‎, formal language‎, colloquial dialect‎



The research examined religious discourse in the light of linguistic usage. It defines the concept of politics linguistically and idiomatically as well as the concept of linguistic planning. The concept of religious discourse is defined as a term and a linguistic item. Bilingualism and the levels of classical and colloquial in a language, were explained and clarified in relation to contemporary religious discourse. A title was devoted to the vision of the linguistic policy of religious discourse, and the successful linguistic planning of religious discourse, and then analyzed two models of religious discourse: the first is an example of the moderate eloquent religious discourse (the sermon of the religious authority) in Najaf and the second example was for the religious discourse that mixes classical and colloquial Friday Sermons by Sheikh Hasanin al-Khaqani,


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