The Iraqi Press Stance on Political Events in Iraq (1931-1990)

  • الاستاذ المساعد شاهين سهام عبدالرزاق University of Diyala College of Education/ Al Maqdad
  • المدرس عثمان سعدون جاسم College of Education/ Al Maqdad
Keywords: Press position, political events, Iraq


The press has played an active role in all fields of life, namely political, social, and economic via news editing, posting caricature, news verification, news commentary and dialoging. Thus, the press should have awakening, and attention of new media system. Accordingly, the Iraqi press is divided, during its modern and contemporary history, into official newspapers (Gazettes) such as the Iraqi events (Al-Waqaeh) and (Al-Zawraa) which took side of Iraqi government. The other type is called opposition newspapers such as (Al-Thabat), (Al-Sayasa), (AL-Istqlal) and (Al-Alam alarabi) which reflect the voice of people and liberation movements. Besides, the press represented the party’s intellect and ideology especially many of these parties opposed the government and launched many attacks on sequential governments and since the establishment of Iraqi state till king Faisal the first death. Moreover, since the establishment of the republic of Iraq immediately after 1958 revolution. All governments were exposed to criticism and defamation by the party press even the ministry which abolished press and publications law and released 25 newspapers have also been exposed to criticism and slander which made an impression that these newspapers defended the parties in which they belong to away from the people’s general welfare.

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