The Compound Sentence and its Implications (The Sura of Al-Shuaraa as a Model)

  • د. إسراء غانم احمد College of Education for Human Sciences / University of Mosul
Keywords: Compound, Predication, Sentence, Al-Shuaraa, simple


This study explains the compound sentence in the Sura Al-Shu’araa identifying the concept the of compound sentence as the predicate. The paper tries to put an image of relation between the independent sentence and the compound sentence relying on the grammarians’ viewpoint and making use of the different modern linguistic directions. Ibn Al-Sarraj is considered the first who puts the term "compound sentence" for the predication. This sentence is expanded by means of moral and verbal constraints including elements that represent different functions. The study displays the means of sentence relation and the phenomena of its structure depending on analyzing and stating the semantics of  sura AL-Su’araa. As well as the paper sums up the main axes that form the structure of the sentence for the purpose of retiring, subordination, pluralism, adjustment, and objection. These single elements have contributed significantly to lengthen the compound sentence and the complexity of its construction, because the compound sentence does not end with a certain limit.

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احمدد. إ. (2020). The Compound Sentence and its Implications (The Sura of Al-Shuaraa as a Model). ALUSTATH JOURNAL FOR HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 59(1), 240-259.